The Minute(wo)man

My name is Lindsey Smith and I’m gal behind Museum Minute.

I have ten+ years working in museums and archives, including five+ years working at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago (as both the archivist and an exhibit content developer.) I am currently the archivist at Des Moines University, the collections manager at the Iowa Jewish Historical Society, and do freelance work under the name Exhibitsmith.

Be sure to visit my Exhibitsmith page …and become a friend on facebook and follow me on twitter.

Anyhow, as my freelancing career began to pick up, I realized that I am in the extraordinary position to view and work with some pretty amazing stuff. But I also realized that while I am professionally trained (BA in History at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, MA in Historical Administration at Eastern Illinois University, & currently pursuing a certificate in archives administration at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), I still have SO much to learn about the museum field.

So, starting in 2011, I plan to visit as many museums as possible – and document the highlights here!

Disclaimer: I’m not a museum critic, nor do I want to be. As a professional (and a generally nice person), I don’t want to spend any energy criticizing my colleagues! Instead, I will focus on the positive aspects of the organizations (and fantastic collections!) I see, and encourage you to do the same.

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