1 Blizzard = Snow Flurry, 1

Instead of worrying about how to begin, I thought I’d just jump in and feature something we saw at MOMA on Tuesday.

My husband and I went to NY for Christmas–to visit family–and wouldn’t you know it, while we were in NYC, a blizzard struck! We were stuck in Manhattan for two nights, which meant we had time to visit MOMA and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I have lots of photos to share about our visits, and you may start to notice that we’re wearing the same clothes in all the photos. Well, we were stranded, after all!

And what better a way is there to celebrate a blizzard than by seeing Alexander Calder’s Snow Flurry I, from 1948.

I even photographed the label. Just. For. You.

Anyhow, for some strange reason, I’ve recently become a huge Alexander Calder fan.

I had the opportunity to very briefly work with a Calder mobile in Chicago and my husband and I danced our first dance under a Calder mobile at the Des Moines Art Center.


Original image by Heejin Ryu (altered)

Beautiful stuff.

Anyhow, out of the many Calder mobiles out there, I thought it was grand that we stumbled across Snow Flurry, I during our NYC blizzard adventure.

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