The Beginning: A Review

It might seems a little strange that I’m starting a blog by looking back at the past year, but one of the reasons I decided to start the blog in the first place was so I could share all the fabulous things that happen through the course of my museum work.

[Important Museum Minute Disclaimer: Since I am covering a whole year, you may need two minutes to read this, not just one. I’m just sayin’.]

So without further adieu, here’s my year in review (I get exhausted just reading it!)

We moved into our new town home (two days before a blizzard!)
Tesla and Tosha joined the family
I was featured in an article in Juice Magazine
I was interviewed for Entrepreneur People
I talked about Wedding Traditions on TUGTalk (And I’ll be back later this month!)
Taught “Saving Your Family Photos” for the Des Moines Public Schools Community Ed. Program
Sang with the Des Moines Choral Society
Continued working at Des Moines University, of course

Continued planning the wedding!
Celebrated Jamie and Eric’s wedding!
Began volunteering and contract work at the Salisbury House & Gardens
Attended a paper conservation workshop at the Midwest Art Conservation Center
Saw the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Minnesota Science Center
Fell in love with the Minneapolis Institute for the Arts
Managed the installation of the Sugar
Beet Exhibit at the Belmond Museum
Spoke at EIU’s Historical Administration Program Symposium (my alma mater)
Completed “Introduction to Records Management” through the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (online)
Taught “Exhibit Development for Beginners” for the Iowa Museum Association
Attended a fabulous photo workshop led by Gawain Weaver

Got married! (at the Des Moines Art Center)
The History Detectives episode I helped research finally aired
Visited the Museum of Science and Industry as an archives consultant
Had a wonderful afternoon visiting the Art Institute of Chicago
Took a trip to the Chicago History Museum and found myself acknowledged  in a book for sale in the store!
Led my “Exhibit Development for Beginners” workshop for the Iowa Museum Association
Led two “Saving Your Family Photos” workshops for a local retirement community
Went on our honeymoon to Jamaica!

Began teaching US History at the Des Moines Area Community College
Completed a collections assessment and prep work for the Iowa Department for the Blind
Completed a needs assessment for a WWI-era theater curtain at the Pella Opera House
Attended the Iowa Museum Association conference
Joined the staff of the Iowa Jewish Historical Society
Still working at Des Moines University, of course!
Completed “Archives Appraisal and Collection Development” at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (online)
Continued consulting with the Museum of Science and Industry, in a variety of capacities
Celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas with family and friends
Visited MOMA and The Metropolitan Museum of Art while stranded in Manhattan after a blizzard!
Spent a lovely afternoon at the Des Moines Art Center
And to top it all off, I started this blog.

All in all, it was an amazing (and busy!) year. I hope 2011 is just as exciting, but I’m hoping I can organize my time a little better and really move ahead with my career. Seeing everything I did last year is inspiring me to visit more museums and really learn a lot more about the museum profession. How exciting!

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