Soup’s On

I recently began working part-time at the Iowa Jewish Historical Society. The Historical Society is a hidden gem and I’m looking forward to increasing the publicity of the lovely exhibit gallery and fantastic collection.

When you start a job, it takes a while to learn about your job and the ins and outs of the company. As a curator working with a history-based collection, however, the learning curve can be even more overwhelming. On day one, you are, in essence, the historian of the organization and the collection’s expert.

Keep in mind that it takes many years for an individual to really achieve this!

With a backlog of donations to tackle and an inventory to complete, I know I’ll be busy for many months to come. I can’t just wander around storage, opening boxes like a kid on Christmas. But some things can’t help but catch my eye.

Which reminds me …are you hungry?

Perhaps I’m a bit premature posting this, since I haven’t done any research on it yet, but the above is a photo of a Soup of the Day sign, presumably from a Iowa-based, Jewish-owned deli. There are a bunch of similar signs resting on the shelf, but this one, with its wheel-construction, always makes me smile. Do I get Matzo Ball soup or come back later for Potatoe [sic]?

I’ll be sure to do a follow up and post a related sign when I’m able to research and catalog this item!

Until then …cup or bowl?

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