More than “In-Kind”

In-kind refers to donations that are provided to an organization by way of goods, services, time, and sometimes blood, sweat and tears. The honorable individuals who give so much of themselves to a museum or organization are often the lifeline behind the organization’s success. And really, the “kind” in “in-kind” just doesn’t seem like a good enough word for these veritable super-heroes.




I like it.

During my career, I have developed some close relationships with volunteers. They have been my friends and confidants, and the promise of their smiling faces has helped me get to work on a gloomy day.

I recently had the opportunity to celebrate the holidays with some of my former volunteers at the Museum of Science and Industry. It was wonderful to be able to see them and laugh with them again, and remind them just how important they are not only to the Museum, but to my life.

Captions: Lynn and I catching up on old times (above), Bart waiting patiently under the mistletoe (below), and Mary (bottom), wearing an elf hat, working on the “Bacon Laptop” (to remind us that volunteers don’t always work under perfect conditions!)

If you are a volunteer, thank you. If you work with volunteers, don’t forget to thank them and remind them how important they are to you!

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