Herb and Dorothy

It’s time for another movie post!

Have you seen Herb and Dorothy? This gem of a documentary introduces us to Herb and Dorothy Vogel, who on the surface seem like a couple of ordinary “DINKS” (Double Income, No Kids, he he.) But Herb and Dorothy are no ordinary couple; over their decades together, they managed to collect one of the most important collections of contemporary art in the world. Living off their modest salaries as a postal clerk and a librarian, Herb and Dorothy met scores of artists and purchased hundreds of original pieces–which they would display and/or store in their home.

A truly unique couple, Herb and Dorothy’s pieces are now in museum collections in all fifty states, including a large collection at the National Gallery of Art. For a list of the pieces in the NGA collection, click here. Their collection was too large for the National Gallery to accommodate, which is why pieces from their collection were sent to institutions across the country.

This film follows Herb and Dorothy to gallery openings (where they are received as celebrities), to art studios (where the artists talk about how grateful they were for the Vogel’s support during their “starving artist” years,  and to the National Gallery, where they visit some of their donations alongside curatorial staff.

The following 2:30 minute trailer really gives you a sense of the film – and hopefully inspires you to go home and watch it. It’s available for instant streaming on Netflix!

HERB & DOROTHY Trailer from Herb & Dorothy on Vimeo.

Do you collect art? How do you know if something will be an important piece in the future?

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