A Freelancer’s Life

Okay, so I’m only a freelancer/museum consultant 1/3 of the time, but I still get to live the glamorous lifestyle of a freelancer.

Do you see what I mean?

Tesla helping me work. (Hey! How am I supposed to type?)

If you can call this “helping”. (Hey! I need to read those notes!)

He’s such a good helper… (Work time? More like nap time.)

In fact, one of the only times he doesn’t help me is when I’m on an airplane. (Still working!)

Seriously, though, I love being able to work when and where I want, even if this means while I’m out of town on vacation (such as was the case over the holidays) or on a Saturday night. Some people like to leave their work at the office, but I don’t mind mixing up my schedule a bit.

Do you have any “helpers” on the job?



2 thoughts on “A Freelancer’s Life

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