A Curtain and a Grant

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to see a very neat theater curtain at the Pella Opera House, thanks to my role as a TAN advisor.

After decades of being everything except an opera house, the building was recently restored to its former glory and the Opera House staff is starting to concentrate on preserving some of the historic items associated with the building.

Enter: me.

I am fortunate to be a TAN advisor for SHSI’s HRDP.

“What the heck is that?!? Too many letters! Explain yourself!” you might be exclaiming right about now.

Well, I’m a Technical Advisory Network advisor for the State Historical Society of Iowa‘s Historical Research Development Program.

“That didn’t explain anything!!!” you might be saying.

Okay, okay, I’ll explain. The State Historical Society of Iowa has a wonderful grant program for Iowa organizations with historic collections and/or housed in historic structures. As part of the grant program, organizations are able to request the assistance of a TAN advisor, either after or before receiving the grant! The TAN advisor is able to visit the organization, meet with staff, see the collection, and provide a professional assessment of what needs to happen. If the advisor visits before applying for the grant,they can help an organization decide what they should focus on in their grant.

What a wonderful program!

Back to the Pella Opera House.

They invited me to come to town and look at their amazing c.1917 theater curtain, which, like so many others, is not in the best condition. This hand-painted curtain needs some work and the Pella Opera House is eager to get it conserved. Thanks to the HRDP, I was able to write a needs assessment of the item so it can get just the right amount of TLC. Even better, my visit didn’t cost them anything!*

A close-up of the curtain

*except nominal travel costs – still an amazing deal!

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