Archival Products at Archival Products

I recently had the opportunity to tour the offices at Archival Products, a local archival supply company.

Per their website:

Archival Products presents elegant solutions for preservation for colleges and universities, museums, historical societies, art and music libraries, medical schools and government offices as well as for the private conservator.

The offices and warehouse were full of handmade preservation folders and rolls of material waiting to be cut. Everyone was really nice, the warehouse was spotless, and best of all, if I order something, I can save on shipping by arranging to pick it up myself.

Anyhow, my little field trip was wonderful! If I didn’t work in museums and archives, I’d probably work in a stationary shop. So, a building full of preservation supplies was heaven to me.

If you’re not sure how to use their products, Archival Products has a YouTube channel. Check out this video and learn how to properly use their four flap enclosure:

If you’d like a little eye candy, check out their catalog and request a copy for yourself.

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