Extreme Inspiration

A colleague recently sent me this link, which is from a show called Incredible Basements. (Hosted by, I might add, Mike Rowe, who has made quite a name for himself by hosting Dirty Jobs.)

Anyhow, the owner of this, er, basement, was inspired by the Museum of Science and Industry‘s Yesterday’s Main Street exhibit, which opened in the 1940s as a way to highlight the progress that had been made over the course of a generation. Yesterday’s Main Street is supposed to replicate a Chicago street in 1910, and features many prominent businesses both past and present.

Well, this homeowner decided to make his own version of Yesterday’s Main Street; check out the video, it’s really kind of amazing:

MSI’s mission statement is to inspire the inventive genius in everyone. And it certainly seems as though this man was inspired.

Have you come across any stories like this? Well, maybe not like this, but some other example of museum inspiration leading to a large-scale project? I’m sure there are other stories out there…

One thought on “Extreme Inspiration

  1. As a youngster in Evanston Illinois I delighted in riding the El, by myself, into neighboring Chicago and visiting the Museum of Science & Industry. I loved the elevator, which apparently took you deep into the earth, into the model coal mine.

    But my favorite was the old time village, probable the lowest exhibit in the museum. The ceiling of the village was painted a soft grey, and to a third grader it was high enough to look exactly like dusk. I especially liked the movie house, The Nickleodeon, where there was always only one film: The Great Train Robbery.

    So for me, now 77 years old, it is truly delightful to be able to visit and revisit the marvellous modern-day home-basement recreation via my home computer and the Web.

    Thank you!

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