Announcing Our Team!

Museum Minute is about to get a lot more exciting — there are now three of us on the Museum Minute Team. We’re planning to post 3+ posts each week and hopefully our diverse experiences will lead to some really neat entries.

I wanted to officially introduce our wonderful new contributors–be prepared to see posts from them soon!

Jamie Glavic (@NURFCjamie on twitter) is an emerging museum professional. As the manager of marketing and web communications at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (NURFC), Jamie is committed to using new technologies and unique campaigns to share the message of freedom and raise awareness about contemporary injustices around the globe. She has been an employee of the NURFC since 2007 and has played an integral role in leading the museum into the digital age, including but not limited to: developing an active social media presence, overhauling the Freedom Blog to encompass voices of various departments throughout the institution as well as website redevelopment.

Heather Stecklein (@hjstecklein on twitter) is an archivist at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago and has an MA in history from Loyola University, an MA in library science from the University of Iowa and an MA in Historical Administration from Eastern Illinois University (which is also my alma mater. I believe we both held the same graduate assistanceship at the Illinois Regional Archives Depository—Heather one year before me.)

I am really excited to have these two ladies on board!

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