Unforgettable Magazine Covers

Last week was the final week for American Chronicles: The Art of Norman Rockwell at the Dayton Art Institute (DAI). The exhibition received rave reviews and had an area for visitors to have their pictures taken in front of a life-size Saturday Evening Post cover. Click here to see the photos. I am super bummed I missed it.

While checking out the photos (on DAI’s Flickr page) and thinking of the many iconic Saturday Evening Post covers Rockwell created, I started thinking about magazines covers in general. I subscribed to TIME and Newsweek (now The Daily Beast) as a teenager (I liked to stay up to date on current events) and can describe in great detail the covers that followed 9/11. Katina Solomon recently shared a post from her blog, Zen College Life, with me titled, “9 Historic Magazine Covers.”

Every once in a while…magazine editors give us something unforgettable with serious meaning. These covers not only draw you in, but stay with you for the rest of your life.

The post features the haunting glance of Sharbata Gula on National Geographic (1985), Muhammad Ali as St. Sebastian on Esquire (1968) and Life magazine’s “Life Before Birth” (1965),  just to name a few.

Is there a magazine cover etched in your mind? Why did it make such an impact on you? What would you add to the list of “9 Historic Magazine Covers?”

My magazine covers are: TIME‘s Columbine cover (I went to a small town school, suddenly that wasn’t a comfort or guarantee of safety), TIME‘s 9/11 cover (I watched the events of the day unfold in my high school French class) and TIME‘s 2008 Person of the Year cover (“Why History Can’t Wait” article).

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