Professional Conferences Are No Substitute For The SHA Experience

There are 11 days left (including today) to apply for the Seminar for Historical Administration (SHA). Applications are due by EOD, Monday, May 21.

Between now and May 21, Museum Minute will share a post each day from a member of the Class of 2011. That’s 11 posts in 11 days from the SHA Class of 2011. Get it?

So who’s kicking off the “Why Should You Attend SHA?” bandwagon?

Bob Hart, Executive Director at the Lane County Historical Society and Museum in Eugene, Oregon:

Attending professional conferences is no substitute for the SHA experience! This three week opportunity to immerse yourself in our field’s professional practices, concerns, experiences, and future developments should not be missed. The pace of instruction is fast and the quality of the faculty is first-rate. Your ability to isolate and abstract yourself from daily job concerns and institutional headaches will help your absorption rate of the material covered. But the networking opportunity that you are presented with this experience, and the friendships that will result, will be the longest-lasting and perhaps most unadvertised benefits of your investment of time and institutional treasure.

Thanks, Bob (or should I say @spockbob)!

For more information about the Seminar for Historical Administration, or to apply, click here.

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