New Beginnings: Any Advice?

Last week you voted on my new Twitter handle (it’s @MuseumMinute, btw). This week has been pretty hectic, personally and professionally, as I prepare for my move to another city. This is my first blog post for the week and my tweets have been few.

In all of the crazy, I did happen to catch the following question, which inspired this post, on Twitter by @CuratorJournal:

Today, I’m looking for your advice/feedback. I start my new job on Monday (yes, this Monday – as in I’m moving this weekend). As I take the next step in my museum career, do you have any advice for my first day, first month or first year?

6 thoughts on “New Beginnings: Any Advice?

  1. Find someone to have lunch with on your first day 🙂 Other than that, keep a file of ideas that come to you. Even if you can’t implement them today, tomorrow or next year, you’ll at least have a record of the idea and you can use it when needed.

  2. This advice is less about museum specific work than it is about starting a new job, but it is salient none-the-less.

    Be fully engaged and participate as soon as you are able, but, also, do a lot of listening and make sure to withhold judgements (about ideas, co-workers, or institutional norms) until you get your feet under you and a good lay of the land. First impressions are important, but should be colored by the realities of the new environment you are entering.

  3. When I first started at CMC, I knew my work like yours, was about communication. Therefore I wanted to make sure I got to know everyone I could over the weeks. So my advice to you my friend, is similar to the comment above, getting a lay of the land & also have no fear introducing yourself. Show you’re ability to make contacts in house, networking within your own business can be a key in itself!

  4. I hope your first day went well! It’s always a challenge integrating yourself into a new place but I know you’re fully equipped to meet it. The advice here is sound and all I can add is that you just take the sponge route and soak up as much as you can and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

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