Preserving A Hero’s Story: Nelson Mandela’s Online Archive

(Getty Images: Chris Jackson)

“Memory is a vital force in the life of people and nations.” -Nelson Mandela

Today is Nelson Mandela International Day. This is a day marked by service around the world (at least 67 minutes for his 67 years of service), as well as the 94th birthday of the international freedom hero. President Obama said in a statement yesterday, “By any measure, Nelson Mandela has changed the arc of history, transforming his country, continent, and the world.”

Madiba is a living icon. His struggle, his courage, his will and his service to humanity have made him a legend. What is being done to preserve his incredible story?

Let me introduce you to the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory’s Nelson Mandela archive online.

In 2011, Google began working with the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory to help bring the Nelson Mandela archive online. Together they have digitally preserved thousands of archival documents, photographs and videos about Mandela. This is an ongoing project with the Google Cultural Institute.

For more information watch the video below.

Take a moment to explore the archive today.

Is there another historic figure you would like to see such an archive created for?

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