What Happened in Museums this Week?

What Happened in Museums This Week? February 16 – February 22

All Aboard?

Transportation Museum Launches Feasibility Study of Bringing Back Historic 611

The Virginia Museum of Transportation announced Friday that it is launching a study whether or not to bring back the Norfolk and Western 611 steam locomotive. To read more, click here.

Game Over

National Pinball Museum Closing In Baltimore After Moving From D.C. One Year Ago

Baltimore’s year-old National Pinball Museum, a pinging, clanging, tilting tribute to the flipper machines that have been mainstays of American popular culture for decades, will be shutting its doors March 3. To read more, click here.

Nazi Loot

Vienna Jewish Museum Chided Over Nazi Loot

When the Jewish Museum of Vienna was founded in 1988 it was entrusted with safeguarding the art, books and Judaica that survived the Nazis’ attempt to exterminate their owners.

But now, 25 years later, the museum has acknowledged it may be in possession of hundreds of items that were looted during the war and not returned to the families who lost them. To read more, click here.

Now Open (Mostly)

Natural History Museum Opens Doors to Public

A private natural history museum in England, with most of its exhibits hidden away from the public for almost a century, has decided to open its doors on a regular basis after some guided tours drew huge public interest. To read more, click here.

Nudes Check Out Nudes

Nudes Check Out Nudes at Austrian Museum

These museum goers didn’t just leave their coats at the coat check. They handed over their shirts, trousers and underwear. To read more, click here.

Reducing Reliance on Endowment

Indianapolis Museum Aims to Cut Costs, Boost Attendance

The Indianapolis Museum of Art is taking steps to cut costs and increase attendance in hopes of reducing reliance on its endowment to cover expenses.

The museum has what director Charles Venable says is “a nice endowment” of $326 million. While it has rebounded some since tumbling from $393 million before the recession to $266 million, Venable says the strategy is designed to help it grow back to its pre-recession level. To read more, click here.

What headlines caught your eye this week?

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