What Happened in Museums this Week?

What Happened in Museums This Week? April 13 – April 19

Anne Frank a “Belieber”?

Anne Frank Museum Defends Bieber After Furore Over “She Would Have Been a Belieber”

Amsterdam’s Anne Frank Museum on Monday defended teen idol Justin Bieber amid a furore over his comments that he hoped the Jewish teen who died in a Nazi camp would have been a fan. “We think that what’s special is that a 19-year-old comes to the Anne Frank House and spends an hour visiting on a Friday night,” museum spokeswoman Maatje Mostart told AFP amid growing criticism of the pop star’s perceived selfishness. To read more, click here.

Boston Museums Open Doors for the Community Following Tragedy

After Bombings, Free Admission at Boston Art Museums and Theater

In light of the bombing attacks at the finish line of Monday’s Boston Marathon, officials at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Institute for Contemporary Art are offering free admission Tuesday. In addition, the Boston Conservatory Theater announced that its upcoming production of “Reflections: Love, Loss and Living” would now be free of charge.

“Our entire community was affected by yesterday’s tragedy,” Malcolm Rogers, Ann and Graham Gund Director of the MFA, said in a statement. “We hope by opening the museum’s doors and offering free admission we will be a place of comfort, refuge, and peace.” To read more, click here.

Budget Cuts at the Smithsonian

Smithsonian to Begin Temporarily Closing Galleries Due to Budget Cuts from Congress

Budget cuts from Congress will soon reduce the number of free exhibitions on view each day at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

According to written testimony, Smithsonian Secretary Wayne Clough (CLUFF) plans to tell Congress on Tuesday that the museum complex must reduce its security contract for gallery attendants because of the budget cuts. As a result, the Smithsonian plans to begin rolling gallery closures after May 1. To read more, click here.

Campaign by Architectural & Preservationist Community

Campaign to Crowdsource Ideas for Saving American Folk Art Museum Building

When news broke this week that the Museum of Modern Art in New York intends on demolishing the former American Folk Art Museum building next door, a cry went up in the architectural and preservationist community. Now, a group of advocates is not only collecting protests to save the building, but also crowdsourcing design ideas for integrating the two adjacent museum structures. To read more, click here.

“Milwaukee Museum Mile”

Museums to Celebrate 1-year Anniversary of “Milwaukee Museum Mile”

Five small and medium-sized museums in Milwaukee are celebrating the one-year anniversary of working together to promote each other. The museums have created what they call the Milwaukee Museum Mile, since all are within a mile and often are overlooked by visitors.

They are the Jewish Museum Milwaukee, The Charles Allis Art Museum, Museum of Wisconsin Art at St. John’s On The Lake, The Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum and the North Point Lighthouse at Lake Park. To read more, click here.

Mummy Scanned in Ohio

Local Team Puts Mummy Through CT Scanner to Unwrap Her Past

The Egyptian mummy, for decades thought to be a young woman named Nesykhonsupashery who lived some 2,500 years ago, is one of the most popular exhibits at the Ohio History Center in Columbus. She lies behind glass in the Relics and Curiosities section, next to a two-headed calf born on a Tipp City farm.

Visitors who aren’t gawking at the calf or the giant mastodon near the center’s entrance often are transfixed by Nesykhonsupashery’s mysterious wooden sarcophagus, which museum leaders closed years ago out of respect to its occupant.

It’s been quite a year for that occupant and her curators. To read more, click here.

Museum at Warsaw Ghetto

Jewish History Museum Opens at Warsaw Ghetto

The Museum of the History of Polish Jews will hold an opening ceremony for its first completed phase this Friday to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

The official opening of the entire museum will take place next year. To read more, click here.

National Museum of Ireland Theft

National Museum of Ireland Theft: Pricey Rhino Horns Stolen From Warehouse Storage

Masked men stole stuffed rhinoceros heads containing eight valuable horns from the warehouse of Ireland’s National Museum, police and museum officials said Thursday, in a heist being linked to an Irish Gypsy gang that specializes in such raids across Europe.

Police said three men raided the storeroom in Swords, north of Dublin, on Wednesday night and tied up the lone security guard. He later freed himself and raised the alarm. To read more, click here.

What headlines caught your eye this week?

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