Meet a Museum Blogger

Calling All Museum Bloggers!

Yes, it’s true. There is no Meet a Museum Blogger profile this week. However, that will change next week – there are several profile questionnaires out to some pretty stellar bloggers that I can’t wait to introduce you to.

My goal is for Museum Minute to be a blog full of resources: links to other museum bloggers, posts on best practices, features on new reports/studies and professional development opportunities, and a place to foster discussion regarding contemporary issues/hot topics in the field.

Are you a Museum Blogger? Interested in being profiled? Use Museum Minute as a platform to share your expertise and your passion! There are so many ‘types’ of museum professionals (and plenty of interesting titles) with varying paths into the field. Enthusiasts can be volunteers, visitors, and critics. The Museum Blogger community is wide and vast. Let’s connect – there’s so much we can learn from one another.

Interested in being profiled (or know someone who would be)? Send me an email at

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