Meet a Museum Blogger

Meet a Museum Blogger: Bloice Davison

Bloice Davison is doing his best to be self-employed (while having fun doing it!). That’s why he blogs about museums, and occasionally gets paid to take pictures. It’s not the first time that he has been paid to have fun. In a former life he was a fly-fishing guide and a fly-fishing instructor for a well-known hunting and fishing outfitter. Years ago, he served as an Aircraft Maintenance Specialist in the United States Air Force.

Bloice DavisonDo you work in a museum?

I do not work in a museum. I visit them frequently and write reviews.

What’s your educational background?

I have a B.A. in the Liberal Arts & Sciences from Virginia Tech (graduated 1988), and I have a B.S. in Statistics from the Metropolitan State College of Denver.

What was your ‘sticky’ moment?

I can’t remember not visiting museums as part of my travel experiences, but I can remember not having enough time to visit all of them in a given area. Knowing which museums are interesting to me ahead of time is important. I started my blog so that readers can be better informed about their museum choices.

What is the name of your blog?

Museum Road Trip.

How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging about museums for about one year.

What do you blog about?

I review American and Canadian museums. Why? I find that visiting museums is fun and educational; I review them so that visitors can better choose where they want to spend their time.

Have you ever regretted a blog post?

No. So far, those who have visited my site seem to have positive things to say. I have written critical comments about one or two museums, but the comments were not, in my view, undeserved.

What’s the nicest comment you’ve ever received?

“What a lovely depiction of the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame. I hope it encourages people to stop and visit, as it has me. The breed’s history runs deep with American roots. Thank you for a great review.” It’s nice to know that there are people who appreciate my blog and what I do with it.

What’s your most read blog post? Tell us about it.

Based on the social media feedback, it appears to be a post that I wrote about the Creation Evidence Museum of Texas. Nearly all of the science museums that I visit convey reliable, peer-reviewed scientific information. The Creation Evidence Museum on the other hand…well, let’s just say that I hate pseudo-science, and there is no shortage of it at this Glenn Rose, Texas building that masquerades as a museum.

What’s your “go-to” blog/online museum resource?

Other than my own, I frequently visit The Museum Resource Network website.

What’s the last exhibit you saw?

The work of photographer Helmut Newton at the Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm, Sweden. I am an avid photographer, so I could not pass up seeing this exhibit when my wife and I traveled to Sweden last month.

What’s the last thing you bought at a museum gift shop?

I bought a brass beer bottle opener at the Stockholm Royal Palace. I don’t usually buy souvenirs, but this was well made, shaped like a king’s crown, and just way too practical.

Thanks for participating in Meet a Museum Blogger, Bloice!

In case you missed it, Bloice blogs at Museum Road Trip.

Do you have any additional questions for Bloice regarding his profile above? Feel free to start a conversation in the comments below or reach out to him directly on Twitter at @museumroadtripPlease use the #MuseumBlogger hashtag. TY!

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