9/11 and the Value of Collective Memory

Today marks the 12th anniversary of 9/11. This is a day that will continue to resonate with New Yorkers, Americans, and the global community for generations to come. Today we will have conversations regarding where we were, who we were with, what we remember, who we knew, and what it meant. Today we will share our memories.

Today, I encourage you to watch this TedTalk with Jake Barton, Principal of Local Projects.

In this talk, Jake discusses Local Projects’ interactive and digital work for projects like the StoryCorps initiative and the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Gallery One. Then he turns his talk to their work at the National 9/11 Memorial Museum. The renderings and other sneak-peaks that Jake shares in his talk show that this museum is filled with more than just exhibit space. Remnants of the attacks serve as architectural cornerstones of the museum experience. The events of that day are presented through multiple layers of context, voices, and languages – recognizing the personal nature of the 9/11 experience for all of us, and integrating museum goers themselves as a part of the story.

Amazing, powerful stuff, if you ask me. Do you agree?

Do you plan to visit the National 9/11 Memorial Museum when it opens next year? Will you add your voice?

And, more importantly, what is your story of 9/11? Will you share it with anyone today?  Will you share it for posterity? What is your institution doing to remember the events of 9/11?

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